Our mission is to make information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. We accomplish this mission by providing high-quality refurbished computers to non-profit and non-governmental organizations. As a national organization that refurbishes and ships computers and laptops worldwide, we are focused on reuse instead of recycling, and are committed to the

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Computer Reach

Computer Reach is a non-profit social enterprise that trains volunteers to refurbish used computers and digital equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. We work with funding partners to provide refurbished equipment to qualified humanitarian organizations around the world to meet their technology needs so they can better serve their communities. We support the equipment we place

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Electronic Access Foundation

Electronic Access Foundation (EAF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of donating surplus electronic equipment to other qualified charitable organizations in need. EAF obtains donations through partnership with corporations, universities, and organizations by offering them an alternative to recycling of their surplus electronic equipment. Website:

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Wilderness Technology Alliance

The Wilderness Technology Alliance (WTA) partners with schools and community based organizations to implement technology training and work-based learning programs where youth gain skills in the classroom and experience by providing valuable technology products and services to their school or local community. Most programs are run as "WildTech" student enterprises that generate revenue to self-sustain

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Tech for Troops

Tech For Troops gifts free refurbished computers to in need veterans and their families, enabling them to connect with employers and develop essential computer skills. We hire veterans and provide technical training, keep usable computers out of the landfill, and recycle electronics in an environmentally sustainable way. Website:

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Kramden Institute

Kramden's Mission: Providing Technology Tools and Training to Bridge the Digital Divide. Since Kramden's founding in 2003, we have refurbished and awarded over 22,000 computers to deserving students and community members in need of a personal home computer. Kramden also offers an array of educational programs covering everything from basic digital literacy to advanced programming

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